We opened my web shop!


Thank you always for visiting my website.

I wanted to let you all know that we recently opened a web shop.

We picked  5 original songs from the album “Reborn” which was released recently and now offer the mini album “Reborn Originals” on our homepage .

Original songs were recorded in “Reborn Originals” each song has a  messages. There are so many special memories included in each song.

“Reborn” which is also the title of this album “Reborn” was made with the desire to try to explore myself  and to reproduce into music what I feel inside at this stage of my life. Overlaying the emotion enjoying life with the five original songs hopefully I will be able to share more happy moments with everyone in the future.

Thank you for reading through to the end. And a big thank for your continued support 🙂


Akiko Hori

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