Koibitoyo is a famous masterpiece of Showa Kayokyoku. Mayumi Itsuwa, who was a big hit in the 1980’s.

As a young girl at the time, I didn’t know what the deep meaning of this song. It was the first encounter with this song that impressed me as a child when it was a sung with a magnificent image that the melody part of the chorus remained in my ears. Every time I play this song by Mayumi Itsuwa, I feel that this great music is wonderful and forever immortal.

In 2018, my version of Koibitoyo was first released as a cover with a piano. Koibitoyo who produced for the second  time last year and remixed with orchestration, following the 2020 edition I am releasing a third remix this time! Koibitoyo is becoming a favorite song that I want to remix as many times as I want in my music history, alongside my original songs.

Koibitoyo will be released from each distribution company on January 19th.