My release – Komorebi(木漏れ日) modern classical music is now online everywhere.

This piece is a slight contrast, sorrow and warmth, lyrical and peaceful.My piece “Komorebi” was recorded at 70 beats per minute. This is the same as a human’s heart beat, a gentle, calming and de-stressing rhythm. I feel that “Komorebi” has no international barriers and I think would be enjoyed by anyone from ages forty and up and from around the world who enjoys a gentle piano accompanied with a cello, violin and double bass.

Komorebi is included in my latest double CD Shonan Twilight.

When you have a time, please enjoy this piece!

September 1st another one of my Modern Classical pieces “Asahi” from my double CD – Shonan Twilight.

You can listen to “Asahi” on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and all the rest of the most popular global music streaming services.

For those of you who would like to play “Asahi” on your own piano I have the score available at my shop – Currently on sale for ¥1000

I would be grateful if when you have a chance to listen “Asahi”.

Thank you 🙂

Akiko Hori upcoming release of “Yuyake”.(夕焼け)

Another track of my original Modern classical music from Japan collection will be coming out this August 18.

“Yuyake” will be available at Spotify and all the other popular music platforms such as; Amazon, Apple Music,Deezer, Google, Pandora, Tidal and more.

If you enjoy listening to “Yuyake” and would like to play it for yourself , “Yuyake” Modern Classical music from Japan,

the sheet music is available at shop page of  my website.

Please enjoy! Much thanks!!


Haru (Spring) is my original instrumental piece released as a single on Spotify August 4th.

Also…The Piano sheet music for Haru is free on the shop page here on my website.

I have created a special plan for summer vacation time and are issuing free coupons. This year has changed a lot, and I’m full of hopes that you can make good use of music and have a good time because of this time.

Free coupon (valid until 9/7) → akikomusic

You can download the sheet music for Haru free when you use purchase using the coupon code.

Please play my music and enjoy yourself! 🙂


Please follow us on Spotify – Much thanks!

This is just a small sample of my upcoming global release ( Tuesday 21st of July ) – Mori.

Mori is a original contemporary classical / urban classical piece I wrote and produced here in Shonan Japan.
Mori means “forest” in English. It’s a calming gentle piece that I hope you find relaxing while enjoying a glass of wine.

When listening to Mori think of yourself in a deep rich forest away from it all. 🙂


A video recording of a short performance at Sun Princess “Crooners Lounge”. The song that I’m playing is my original “Earth”.

Thank you for inviting me on the Sun Princess Round the World Cruise.

Thank you very much. 🙂





Looking back on the many months I spent in Macau.

Even now I will always remember those wonderful days and nights performing is such an exciting city. 🙂