With help from my awesome music distributer and in particular a big thanks to Ms. Nina Condron of “Horus Music UK.”,  all of my current and future releases 🎹 will now be available online on; NetEase Cloud Music, China.

I am looking forward to introducing my Modern Classical music from Japan and my Japanese Fusion works to the many listeners in China.

This is very exciting stuff for me 🙂


A little about Netease Cloud Music…

NetEase Cloud Music, a leading interactive music streaming service provider in China.

Launched in 2013 by NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES; HKEX: 9999), NetEase Cloud Music is a leading interactive music streaming service provider in China with more than 800 million registered users and over 30 million tracks. Dedicated to providing an elevated user experience, NetEase Cloud Music provides precise, personalized recommendations, promotes user interaction and creates a strong social community. Its focus on discovering and promoting emerging musicians has made NetEase Cloud Music a destination of choice for exploring new and independent music among music enthusiasts in China. The platform has been recognized as the most popular entertainment app among China’s vibrant Generation Z community.

Absolutely thrilled at having overseas sales for my Modern Classical double CD “Shonan Twilight”.

A 🇨🇦 Canadian fan recently received my double CD and she tells me that her and her husband love my music. She plays it often when cooking a feast or when she’s just relaxing on the patio with a glass of red wine🍷.

Thank you so much! 🙂



One of my 20 tracks on my double CD “Shonan Twilight” bringing  the total sheet music tracks to 15  now available at my web shop.

Currently my scores from Shonan Twilight are played by a wide range of people, including those who like to play the 🎹 piano, those who have recently started playing the piano again, and so professional performers and instructors. I’m happy to hear that the number of people who understand my intention of enjoying healing music while playing the piano while at the same time relieving their stress. 🙂

This time, I have decided to make a special announcement. The sheet music for “Oboro” for a limited time is FREE!

Please use the below coupon code for your free copy.


Coupon code: oborobyakiko


It is a score for a piano solo. Please take this opportunity to experience the healing effect of fluctuations with a free download. I will continue to publish the score every time I release a new piece.

BTW – I’m getting  closer to completing the full score for all the Shonan Twilight tracks. The remaining 5 songs will be updated soon.

Thank you for your continued patronage!😊

Today, I delivered my double CD “Shonan Twilight” to my latest medical client Dr. Sawa of Sawa Internal Medicine Diabetes Clinic in Kanagawa Prefecture, a busy and successful provider of diabetes treatment .

Dr. Sawa Tasuku, is known not only as a diabetic specialist offering prompt and polite medical care but also a Doctor that treats his patients with great kindness. It is incredibly exciting that my music is now played daily in Director Sawa’s clinic. This is my desire, to create peaceful music that will help you feel at home and fill you with calmness.

I hope my music will help more clinics like Dr. Sawa in creating a relaxing, calming atmosphere.

Dr. Sawa,  I thank you for your kindness and for believing in my music. 🙂

There are many different ways to compose music depending on the composer, but my composition style is to record the piece on a computer  and using a DAW I then layer and build the sounds.

Therefore, the score is created after the piece has been completed. While listening to the piece, I will then arrange it to fit the piano score and complete score.

Today, Izanai’s sheet music is one of 20 pieces from my double album Shonan Twillight, which is currently available only at my shop.

As there are 20 tracks on the album it will take a little time to complete all tracks to piano sheet music.

Thanks to you, these scores are for people who like to play the piano, those who have recently started playing the piano again, professional performers and instructors.

I will continue to publish sheet music with new song releases every day, so please visit the shop and continue to patronize us.

Thanks kindly 🙂




It’s a moment of great joy when I saw that my album Shonan Twilight had begun to sale  🙂

September, I had the opportunity to actually meet one of my clients who purchased Shonan Twilight for his medical clinic here in Japan. I visited Director Takahashi of Takahashi Dental Clinic in  Kugenuma Kaigan, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa.

Director Takahashi was the first client to play daily the double CD version of Shonan Twilight in a Dental Clinic.

I really very interested in learning more and so I asked Dr. Takahashi a few questions about his music requirements in his medical clinic.

Q: What type of music did you play before you began to play my album Shonan Twilight in your clinic?

A: I used to play Hayao Miyazaki’s complete piano tracks.

Q: What are your thoughts on now using  Shonan Twilight in your clinic?

A: I think this is music that prepares the patient’s heart before treatment and relieves tension. Our clinic is open to not only local patients but also foreign patients who want to receive medical treatment in English. Since the music provides a sophisticated and high-quality ambience, it helps create an image of a clinic that can provide a wide range of high quality services.

Q: Is the album Shonan Twilight the type of music that you would recommend to other medical professionals?

A: I would highly recommend this music as is suitable for the medical environment. I hope your music will spread to all medical clinics in the future.

The first album (MP3 download) Shonan Twilight has been receiving great reviews since it was released last month. It’s wonderful to hear all the lovely feedback and supportive words.

Since the release of the MP3 download collection, I have been getting many inquiries as too if or when I will release a CD. After some thought I have decided to go ahead with a double CD release of Shonan Twilight that will be available exclusively here at my website.

It is a 20-track, 2-disc CD. You can order the CD album Shonan Twilight by visiting my shop page.

Nowadays we live in a stressful society, if my music can help relive your stress I would be so very happy.

I hope you enjoy 🙂




Konosekai (this world), which is currently released as a Modern Classical Music single.

Today the total number of Spotify streams exceeded 6000.

This song was released three months ago and immediately was picked up by the playlist “Urban Classical Japan” on Spotify, and has been steadily climbing every since. 🙂

I truly appreciate all the fans who enjoy listening to Konosekai.

Thank you again and again!

I’m more and more motivated  to release new “Modern Classical Music from Japan” every two weeks. Next release…..August 25th 2020.


My original instrumental piece “Otoya”.

It was released as a single on Spotify and other distributors  and has been highly acclaimed. Thank you to everyone who has been listening to my creation.

Otoya’s score, which is arranged from the original sound source of the ensemble colored by the harp to the piano and cello into a piano solo score, is completed.

When recording Otoya I choose the beats per minute of a human heart rate at restwhich  is ideally around 70 times a minute, and the speed that is considered to be comfortable due to Japan’s unique sequence of sounds and spacing. I also focused on the fact that it is also associated with the heart rate.

I want to make music that relaxes and relieves the stress from our busy lives. This wish has been put in the 20 songs of the album called Shonan Twilight that contains this single Otoya.

Originally, Japan was a culture that respects wabi-sabi and zen, which are the roots of healing. This piece Otoya contains such a feeling.

My hope is that you enjoy playing this music as much as I do 🙂


July has been a very busy month and it’s not over yet 🙂

I released two of my original Modern Classical pieces; Mori and Kagero on Spotify and all the other popular music distributors.

Also, I created my music page on Instagram.

Please follow me if you would like to listen to my new releases and you are intrested in my special offers on my Modern Classical sheet music.