Take a moment to deep breath and calm your mind.. This will immediately increase the number of revolutions that switch your mind to a positive state of mind.

Listen to the sound of your breath and quiet your mind.
When you breathe in air, do it all while reminding yourself that you are taking in good chi into your body.

When you exhale, think of a smile.
As you exhale, feel as if the bad things are coming out and being purified, and do it with gratitude and thanksgiving.

The mind is aligned and transformed into a positive one as you look at the stillness. Then serotonin appears, which makes us feel happy just to be alive.

I would like to prolong the life of dopamine, which can be acquired in a sense of arousal and accomplishment when things are going well, as much as possible. But the trick of life is that we tend to feel down.

In such a situation, if we know the collaboration of breathing and stillness that is necessary to increase serotonin, it is easier to jump into the cycle where happiness brings happiness.

You will be filled with happiness because you will be relaxed from the bottom of your heart and your mind will be light.

It’s easy and simple because only the spontaneous and innocent self exists there.

We were children once, weren’t we? When we were young, we were able to spend our time naturally, just as we were. It’s that feeling.

If you count each small event as happiness
And then, like a string of beads, the number of happy events would increase.
You may be able to regenerate yourself into a happy person in no time at all!