Timesaver for LOGIC PRO users

One of the first things I bought when I began putting together my LOGIC PRO studio was this helpful shortcut keyboard cover. Even though the silicon cover is just attached to the keyboard, it quickly turns into a colourful keyboard. I also like the arrangement of colors that will make you feel better.

I’m enjoying making music on LOGIC PRO X, but sometimes it’s not easy using Logic as it’s a rather large and complex software that has infinite possibilities, so there are many short codes I don’t use everyday. This cover is the perfect partner for me because I’m an inpatient person who wants to finish a piece within a limited time. In order to accomplish that I need short codes but LOGIC has soooooooooooo many to memorize. 🙂

I work in my studio everyday composing, arranging, mixing and mastering. So, any help I can find to save time is indispensable.

This short code cover has not only helped me to learn LOGIC PRO X but continues to help me as I expand my Logic knowledge.

I believe it’s a must have timesaver for all LOGIC PRO X users!

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