I am so  happy to have received my first two positive reviews for my  e-book that was  released on September 17, 2023 from Amazon Kindle and glad to  hear that they read it over, again and again  and loved it! 

The reviews as below,

A story full of emotions and surprises

You have shown us a wonderful picture and a wonderful world.

I’ve already finished reading this e-book and I’m just in awe of your work, which is full of emotion and amazement.

How many times have I been moved already?

I felt like I was sharing a wonderful experience.

I read the book in one sitting!

I love to travel abroad, but have not traveled on a cruise yet. I was excited to read the book in one sitting, and when I finished it, I felt as if I had sailed around the world too! Although peering into an unknown world may not be as good as the actual experience, being able to have a simulated experience is one of the joys of reading!

This book gives us a glimpse into a world that we don’t often get to experience! I recommend it.