Thank you Spotify listeners!

My original single “Konosekai” was released on Spotify on May 1 has exceeded 1,000 streaming!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the Spotify listeners. The numbers are still updated as I write this blog. I receive the aggregated results every day, so I am encouraged by the growing numbers.

Who do you find when you google,  the world’s largest music distribution service company?

Spotify, the world’s largest music community with over 217 million users, including more than 100 million members in 79 countries and regions around the world, appears in the search results.

Spotify was established in 2006 and operates in Sweden.

In Japan, the service started in 2016, so more and more people are using it everyday.

Stay tuned to Spotify, in about a month I will be releasing my NEW single!  🙂


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