Thank you for your concern!

“Isn’t the luxury cruise liner Diamond Princess docked at Yokohama Port under quarantine?  It’s been all over the  news since last night, are you onboard? Are you OK?”

Thank you all very much for your emails and texts. 🙂

Please don’t worry about me.

“I’m enjoying ground life as much as I can without boarding the ship this year!”

Now the spread of coronavirus is spreading. Even if you are on the ground, wherever you are, be careful. Nevertheless, the virus’s evil hands have finally spread to the places once used to be my workplace! ! !

This news is quite shocking.

Last year in 2019, we spent eight months on a Princess Cruise ship and I loved it. I was blogging about the state of each country I visited and talking about my performances.

It’s no wonder that the image of  “Akiko’s travel’s on a ship playing the piano and singing” is so deeply established.

Still on the ship? It can’t be helped.

Fortunately, this year, I am focusing on music production, so I didn’t consider re-contracting with Princess Cruises. Therefore, no contract has been signed for 2020. The next year anything is possible!

Thank you for your continued support in the future.

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