Surprise discovery

I go for a walk and what’s this?…

I went out for the first time yesterday since I returned home. I went for a walk and decided to go to Yokohama’s Yamashita Park. A food festival was being held at the Park (Actually this meal was better than the walk.) It was packed, very busy.

Later while walking around the park I found a Princess cruise ship docked just beside the  park!
I thought from a distance that it was Diamond Princess, Wait a moment! Something is different that’s not Diamond Princess it was for the first time in Japan the Coral Princess.Coral Princess seems to be the first call in Yokohama since it was built in 2003! !
I was very lucky to be able to encounter such a sunrise. Someday I would like to perform onboard the Coral Princess.

After taking a picture of the Coral Princess, I returned to the food festival in Yamashita Park, meat meat, and more meat yummy every time!

Now! It is an announcement of 10/8 tonight.
Also at 19:00 Yokohama is the first performance on land after returning home at Royal Park Hotel, 70 F “Sirius”.

Please do not hesitate to come by all means if you have time. 🙂

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