Sun Princess in Lisbon, Portugal


Sun Princess has arrived in Lisbon, Portugal!

This is my first time visiting Lisbon. I fell in love as soon as I arrived!!

Foods, beautiful environment,some of unique and great design of architectures and needless to say the interaction between the warm heart local people!!!

Perhaps, Lisbon is famous for salmon food.
In the daytime, while exploring the city, looking for canned olive oils fish.

Tonight is a day off for me so naturally I wanted to have dinner in town, so I went to a restaurant famous for their cod dishes.It was divine!!!!!

I am accompanied by Maiko Mori, a London based classical pianist who joined Sun Princess since a couple days ago and will be performing at theater onboard this week.

Today, I had a such fun time and fun day  with this lovely town.

I’ll definitely be  back for next vacation.xxxxxxxx

See you next time. 🙂

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