To celebrate the release of the album “Reborn”, we will have two in one commemorating parties this June! First on June 2nd we will have a party at “L’Esprit Francais” in Kugenumakaigan in Shonan, and June 30th in Ginza at “Barbra”.

Therefore, details about the album launch party to be held on June 2, and information on ticket sale.

We are planning a fun gathering with music while dining on authentic French cuisine and French wine. The venue is located on the Odakyu Line near Kugenumakaigan Station within 5 minutes walk and you will arrive to a French style event hall called “L’Esprit Francais”. Dinner will be buffet style so that it will be easy to talk and  exchange while relaxing and enjoying more than 20 types of dishes including; hors d’oeuvre, main, side dish, and desserts!

For those who purchased the album, I will play you the tracks of the album “Reborn” that we released this spring, and also you can listen to other versions and arrangements. It is a guarantee that it will be an elegant weekend.

Looking forward to it! !

Tickets for 6/2 are ¥ 6000 per person. You can purchase it by clicking the button below. Thank you very much

 L’Esprit Francais
7-7-11 Kugenuma Kaigan – Fujisawa – 251-0037

June 2 – 2018 – Doors open at 1730 until 2030 – Dinner begins at 1800

-¥6000 per person –










Salade de concombre à la menthe キュウリのカクテルサラダ ミントの香りを添えて

Salade niçoise ニース風サラダ

Pâté de campagne 田舎風パテ

Croquette au saumon サーモンのクロケット

Gâteau salé aux légumes de saison 季節の野菜のガトー・サレ

Canapés à la provençale プロヴァンス風カナッペ

Salade de pommes de terre et haricots verts ジャガイモとインゲンのサラダ

Ratatouille ラタトゥイユ

Carottes rapées キャロット・ラペ

Croque monsieur クロック・ムッシュー


Poulet rôti aux herbes 若鶏のロースト ハーブ風味

Gratin de fruits de mer シーフードグラタン

Porc rôti sauce vin blanc ローストポーク 白ワインソース

Ragoût de boeuf façon basquaise バスク風牛肉の煮込み

Saumon à la grenobloise サーモンのグルノーブル風

Filets de poisson panés aux herbes de Provence 南仏風白身魚の香草パン粉焼き


Bavarois aux pêches 桃のババロワ

Jelée aux fruits de saison 季節のフルーツのジュレ

Gâteau au fromage ガトー・フロマージュ

Gâteau aux prunaux プルーンのケーキ

Gâteau classique au chocolat クラシック・ショコラ