Sharing music and memories

Last night I played at the Yokohama Royal Park Hotel 70 floor “Sirius Lounge” which overlooks Yokohama.

It was also a happy Reunion.

Two sisters came to see me after seeing their mother off on the Diamond Princess at the Yokohama Pier that day! In the 2014 when I was aboard the Sun Princess I first met these ladies and their mother. And then when I was onboard Diamond Princess in 2016, to my surprise we met again!

Very happy! It’s a small world and I’m thrilled to once again share time with these lovely ladies.

Next year, I will be aboard the Diamond Princess I will be playing again for these ladies..

It will be exciting to be able to create new memories together.

Last night was a wonderful night to once again see each other.

Thank you for a wonderful Time. 🙂

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