What kind of self are you spending time with?

Do you trust in yourself?

There are ways to learn to trust yourself in the present.

Visualize  in your mind the person you would love  to be

and spend your time as if you were that person.

When you see the positive side,

you will reap the benefits of the happiness.

To receive the best of the best future of yours,

be optimistic and live in it.

Being aware of happiness and being able to sense it.

It can be said to be an acquired skill.

It can be said that it is something that is acquired through training.

It doesn’t matter what your original personality is, what environment you were born in, or what your current situation is.

It is something that is acquired through practice,

Training to see things in a positive light can be acquired by doing it.

There is nothing more reassuring than that.

We have all equally experienced the negative emotions in this toughest life.

We are all destined for it.

But to let it go

There is something necessary to let it go.

Can you be the one who can let go of your obsession?

Can you be the one who can break free from the attachment to the unwanted past?

That is the dividing line.

Seemingly positive personalities were not born that way.

No one is born with positive skills.

How to spend time mentally and physically in the flow.

How we spend time with our mind.

In each of our values.

I sincerely hope that the world will be a place where we are able to toward a bright mind.

Music: Nami

Composed by Akiko Hori