RIP my best half GP.

The time has come.

To the man who has been my best friend, my partner in crime and my comrade in arms,

I praise him for fighting a battle against esophageal cancer and brain tumors for the last three years and survived with a strong belief.

He has had been through all unexpected dramas with his positive attitude despite he was sentenced by his doctor to

have  only 6months life.

Some pain became be his second nature by then!

He was like a cat has nine lives who always lands on his feet!!

Through this life experience what we have learned is we should be questioned in itself and believe in the fact that anyone can make a mistake or can be challenged, regardless of their identification .

He kept encouraging me not to stop music production at any time. Because he knew I was healed by the time I was involved in music.

Time can only help ease what has gone before it can never erase what memories remain.

His body came to the end, but  his  spirit lives on forever.

I  shall cherish the memories I had him and remember his extraordinary life as such an adventurer.