Remixing a Japanese classic


Which song do you think is the most popular song in my album “Reborn” that I released in 2018?

It is the cover song “Koibitoyo” which means “Lover”.

“Koibitoyo” was a hit song of the Showa Kayo era and is well known in Japan.

Just as with the original song, in my version I sing in Japanese. After releasing the song I expected only Japanese fans of the song to check my version out.

BIG surprise…

Actually, since its release the number of downloads from overseas ( non Japanese ) has been overwhelmingly higher than the number of downloads in Japan.

This is the global digital age.

When people from Alaska to South America and across the world, including  Africa, eastern and western Europe, and the Middle East can now easily listen to Japanese music. They don’t have to travel to Japan or need to communicate in Japanese to find music.

This is the moment when I realized that music really has no borders or lanaguge requirements. Japanese music is enjoyed by all kinds of people around the world.

So, to start I have begun to work on remixing “Koibitoyo” and adding a richer Japanese sound and I will release more original Japanese music this year. 🙂

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