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Latest info (October2020) : Currently only available to purchase double CD Shonan Twilight .Please chef it out!



It was the music I needed now! Since the state of emergency was announced  I have been forced to refrain from living. When listening to your music, it seems that I can take a deep breath and recharge my energy”. 

As I mentioned on my blog the other day, I released the instrumental music album “Shonan Solace“. I since then received a nice comment above from a customer who purchased it immediately!

Thank you very much! 🙂


Composing, playing, recording, mixing and mastering. Producing healing music has always been a dream of mine. It’s hard to imagine that the coronavirus would lead to such stressful times so I have decided to continue compose relaxing and calming music for 2020 and beyond.

By the way, for 2020 I will continue to release modern classical ambient healing music one LP after another!

I hope you continue to enjoy my music.

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