Perfect pitch – that’s me! :)


I started playing the piano at the age of 5 and became able to play with both hands as I understood the basic scale. I sat down in front of the piano and started to reproduce the melody memorized with the sound of the piano by listening to it with fancy on television or records. At the time practicing piano was not what a child wanted to do. But I would like to look back on those days when I was a kid and liked the game of playing my favorite versions.

When I was in elementary school, at lunch break I would go into the music room and surrounded friends around the piano, asking for requests from everyone and remembering with the ear, playing popular songs with piano improvisation. My friends were happy to ask “I can play another song newly though there is no score” is amazing!
I wish I had such a job but I was nurturing my image as a future musician from that time. After that it reminds me that it was quite frequent until I became a junior high school student.

Today I feel that the future I imagined when I was young leading me to a profession that delivers performances to customers with a wide range of needs in the current hotel lounge and luxurious passenger ships.

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