I am proud to have the opportunity to discover my identity as a Japanese person.

I am patriotic and proud of being born as a Japanese.

Japan is currently facing an unprecedented challenge due to corrupt politics. Now is the time to ask what is important to the Japanese citizens.

 In fact, literally,Japanse are losing their hopes and dreams.

Before World War II , Japan had a book called the Imperial Rescript on Education.

The contents of the book expressed the rich sensibilities and virtues that the Japanese people had inherited from their ancestors, and spelt out the ethics and morality of what people should be mindful of in their lives, the importance of life, human rights and equality, and the role of Japanese citizens in international society.

As a result of the elimination of the Imperial Rescript on Education by the US after World War II, Japan’s sense of ethics and morality has declined significantly, and serious problems have occurred not only in the field of education, but also in politics, local communities  where peer pressure has led to a widespread tendency not to notice the false rule.

Their aim was to destroy and dominate the spirit of the Japanese people.

From those all reasons, compared to people of other countries, the sense of patriotism is low among the Japanese.

 The way forward for the Japanese people is to break free from this misguided domination, reaffirm the spirit of the Imperial Rescript on Education, and wake up and act for the revival of Japan as a country of morality.

I believe we all are energy and vibes.

Through a change in self-awareness,what we need in the future is to have an elastic nature and self confidence.

The world should be a better place because of our Japanese ancient teachings.

I will continue to inform and spread the message to the people,letting them know that after the World War II, we were misinformed in the manipulation, and that Japan had the oldest, most wonderful history, traditional culture and teachings to be proud of.