Otoya sheet music

My original instrumental piece “Otoya”.

It was released as a single on Spotify and other distributors  and has been highly acclaimed. Thank you to everyone who has been listening to my creation.

Otoya’s score, which is arranged from the original sound source of the ensemble colored by the harp to the piano and cello into a piano solo score, is completed.

When recording Otoya I choose the beats per minute of a human heart rate at restwhich  is ideally around 70 times a minute, and the speed that is considered to be comfortable due to Japan’s unique sequence of sounds and spacing. I also focused on the fact that it is also associated with the heart rate.

I want to make music that relaxes and relieves the stress from our busy lives. This wish has been put in the 20 songs of the album called Shonan Twilight that contains this single Otoya.

Originally, Japan was a culture that respects wabi-sabi and zen, which are the roots of healing. This piece Otoya contains such a feeling.

My hope is that you enjoy playing this music as much as I do 🙂


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