Okinawa Suprise!

As usual Sun Princess was about to quietly depart Naha for our overnight journey to Ishigaki, Okinawa.

Not so fast! There was a nice surprise for all the passengers aboard the Sun Princess.

A Taiko group suddenly appeared at the Naha Port Terminal. Passengers quickly filled the decks as they were invited to the sound of the brilliant shouts and Taiko. It was the start of a surprise live music event just before our departure. Local children wearing traditional ethnic costumes alone with Okinawa musical dance.

Hot! It’s beautiful! !

Just Rock Okinawa! ! !

The powerful performance of the local love-filled children was so impressive and I could feel tears of happiness on my cheeks. It was a glimpse of the Okinawa energy that protects and promotes Okinawa’s own culture and heritage.It was one act that I saw the bright hope of Okinawa and the possibilities of the future.


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