Summer is gone, and with the arrival of fall, I put on my boots and headed out today.It was an  another wonderful day!

On October 15, 2023, an annular solar eclipse shone over us, showing us new possibilities. It was a special day that made us think of new beginnings.

On such a beautiful day that came with the beginning of autumn, I thought again about what is important for us to have an abundant life.

An abundant life is not only material wealth, but also includes a sense of spiritual fulfillment and happiness, which is the happiness we desire.

To live a life of abundance, we need to define what we desire, which will guide and encourage us to move forward.

To build an abundant life, a willingness to constantly grow may be necessary.

New knowledge and self-improvement. Striving to do so will bring further abundance.

I begin to feel that it is even more important to walk in a rich life, reevaluating how and with whom we relate to others, as we gain from our connections and relationships with others.

And this is a fundamental and eternal challenge for us as earthlings: to appreciate and cherish the nature and environment that we have left.

The essence of abundance from now on is that we must enrich our inner richness

It will balance all the elements.