Akiko Hori | Composer and Producer

Akiko Hori | Music for 2021

Modern Classical, Japanese Fusion & Piano Solos for Sync Licensing opportunities.

“Shiwasu” (end of year) is a collection of originally composed Japanese Neo Classical instrumental music pieces with the alluring taste of Japan composed, produced and performed by Akiko Hori. “Shiwasu” has a combination of genres; Piano solos, Modern Classical and Japanese Neo Classical music.

“Shiwasu” could be best described as healing and relaxing music within a Modern Classical or NeoClassical genre. Performed with many exotic instruments of Japan; Koto 20, Shakuhachi, Kabuki, Noh Percussion, Tsugaru Shamisen combined with a Steinway Piano and a full Orchestra range brings listeners a new and unique classical fusion of musical styles seldom heard outside of Japan.

忙しい現代を生きるリスナーの緊張を和らげる空間環境に適した音楽作品のコンセプトはそのままに、日本に古来から存在する伝統の音を新感覚で表現 EP Shiwasuが完成しました。

ピアノと弦重奏をベースに 二十絃箏・尺八・津軽三味線が重なり織りなすノスタルジックで幻想的な音

日本のアイデンティティー溢れる音・和の造形美をAkiko Hori 独自の音楽世界観のフィルターを通して完成させました。

Piano Solo | Shiwasu

Akiko Hori piano solos from the EP Shiwasu


    April 23,, 2021 – Exclusively at INRI Classic

    Akiko Hori

    May 21, 2021 – Exclusively at INRI Classic

    Akiko Hori Jikuu - modern classical from akiko hori

    Release date TBA – Exclusively at INRI Classic

Akiko Hori "Haru"
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