Extra virgin olive oil with low acidity is considered healthy. My favourite is unrefined extra virgin olive oil, which is able to maintain the 1% level. It is high in antioxidant, and you can take it with food usually , but the best way to use it, especially for singers, is to take 1 table spoon before singing (three tablespoons a day is approximately allowable amount) and let it penetrate your throat to improve your sound of voice. Whenever I have greeted a singer friend at  backstage or been involved with any artists who sing a song  I have performed with, I have often seen a bottle of oil next to a bottle of water at many times.

I was particularly keen to concentrate on oil when I was a singer/pianist on board ship. The air on board is extremely dry, sealed and air-conditioned at high intensity all year round. Many of the actors who performed musicals in the theatre on the ship had to juggle their work on Broadway and travel back and forth between land and sea. They said that they were still forced to be more sensitive to the environment on the ship to prevent dryness than when performing on land. It was recalled that many artists emphasise to take a oil on board.

When I stopped by one of the restaurants in Lisbon,I was  impressed by this beautiful oil as an  absence of the strong smell as other olive oils has , which I had not found in any of the Italian or Spanish oils I had tried so far. 

It is smooth and light, more like a fruity sauce than an oil, and easy to drink. When I think back to my first encounter with Portuguese food, I remember it was in Macau. Since then, I have been a big fan and lover of Portuguese cuisine. I don’t know if it suits the Japanese palate, but everything I eat is irresistible. I wonder if it’s because the Portuguese were the first foreigners for our ancestors saw in their life? (◡╹) ♡

I feel as if this excellent oil has helped me to pass this winter’s dry air without feeling dry, without coughing and without ache and pains of my throat .