My 3 month tour aboard Sun Princess is done


After changing the route to Hong Kong to avoid the typhoon of last weekend, we once again passed through Taiwan. And so this afternoon, Sun Princess arrived once again in Hong Kong.

This is the end of my 3-month performance tour.

During this term, Sun Princess had the opportunity to avoid the many typhoons at least ten times.  Because the captain ‘s judgment we were able to finish the voyage without  any difficulty. I believe that the policy of Princess cruise is always safety first and foremost. It has three wonderful months aboard the Sun Princess, with countless wonderful times with both new encounters and unexpected reunions. Yesterday was a day of change for the next cruise so off to Hong Kong last night but, with no passengers, just the 1000 crew on board. In this case, a great wrap party for the crew celebrating the end of the Taiwanese season was held.

The picture is crew party time. 🙂

I was completely in I’m done mode, I had a  shower and washed my face and no makeup. Your eyeglasses are hiding me. Sorry! 🙂

For everyone who was there for the last 3 months

Thank you very much! ! 🙂

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