Collection of Akiko Hori Music

Please enjoy my Modern Classical, Piano Solo’s and Classic Japanese and English Vocal tracks below!


10 original pieces of Modern Classical and Piano Solos by Akiko Hori

Towa was created as a followup CD to Shonan Twilight in the series of calming instrumental music but with a pleasant surprise.

Towa contains Modern Classical pieces along with new Piano Solos by Akiko Hori. Unlike the 5 to 6 mins duration of her Modern Classical Music the Piano Solos are shorter in duration. An added bonus to Towa is the single (恋人よ) – in English – Koibitoyo

Koibitoyo (恋人よ) was single of singer songwriter Mayumi Itsuwa, released on August 21, 1980. That year it became the biggest hit song in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Koibitoyo requires a strong alto voice that many Japanese female singers are unable to produce as most are soprano type singers.

Akiko Hori’s performance is a powerful interpretation of this classic 80’s song.

Shonan Twilight

20 Original Modern Classical Music pieces to calm your soul

Double CD “Shonan Twilight” is a beautifully composed and arranged Modern Classical Music production by Akiko Hori.

Akiko is pleased to introduce you to 20 original Modern Classical tracks ( more than 2 hours of listening pleasure ). Each track with its own Japanese personality.

As with many of Akiko’s productions “Shonan Twilight” was recored at 70 beats per minute. The same as a human’s heart beat, a gentle, calming and relaxing nature. “Shonan Twilight” has no international barriers, anyone who enjoys a Steinway piano accompanied by a cello, violin and double bass will find “Shonan Twilight” pleasing.

“Shonan Twilight” would be an excellent addition to your Modern Classical Music collection or other genres as; Urban classical or contemporary piano music.

We also highly recommend this collection of calming music for all those who are currently experiencing a high stress environment. As well as; Dental clinics, medical clinics and other businesses.


A wonderful collection of 10 vocal pieces including standards and Akiko Hori originals.

The possibilities? They’re usually hidden but sometimes if we look closely they suddenly show their faces and if we have the guts, we grab them tightly and run with them.

See life differently. Sometimes all we really need to do to is to change our perspective a little and maybe a few doors will open and some sweet changes will begin to happen in ours lives.

When I was young I was a frail sickly girl.

Now as a grown woman doing what I do best I feel so much in control. Healthy, happy and working hard at what I enjoy doing most. This has made my life complete.