Now, Time to move forward!

On behalf of my best half GP, it’s my honor to receive  a certificate of appreciation from the medical school.

I remember even though when he was a nightmare due to his medical condition, he made himself look fine and hidden all negative part of himself from those around him in public.

This was the matter of principle that he makes the best of his time.That’s the greatest compassion he has shown for others.

His intension to contribute to society with high aspirations is about to be realized in a way that contributes to the future evolution of society.

Here is the affirmation in English.


We revere his strong will during his lifetime and would like to express our deepest gratitude for his determination.

We pledge that we will make the body of the deceased  useful for future medical education and research.

The department of medicine of Yamanashi University

Dr.  Shuji Hirata