Many people have asked me what I’m doing now that the evil COVID-19 is here and has disrupted the Japan music industry so severely.

Fortunately for me so far 2020 has been a very busy year.

Since I built my home studio last December I’ve been in my happy zone everyday and night writing and producing new music. I love my Kawai VPC1! Creating music on it’s lovely wooden keys and it’s grand piano feel is such a joy. Partnered with Logic Pro X and various other hardware and software I have the complete package to create new and wonderful music.

What’s the genre?

My first 20 pieces, I’m releasing every two weeks on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, KKBox and other major global music distributors are all instrumentals.

I guess you would categorize these pieces as; Modern classical music, ambient music, classical crossover music, alternative music, contemporary piano music, contemporary classical and urban classical.

Steinway D Piano with cello, double bass, violin and a few surprises comprise to produce a calming, relaxing type of chillax music.

Modern classical Sheet Music?

My goal is to release the sheet music for all of my original productions. I have more than 10 online now and in the coming weeks that number will double and then triple!

I hope you enjoy my music and now you can play it on your piano 🙂