Today, May 5, is the first anniversary of my better half death.

I miss him terribly.

I had a flashback of my memories with him.

He was a man who was honesty ,straight-forward, who insisted that what he thought was right was right, no more, no less, and who lived simply and innocently like a child in everything he did. He was a person who never spared his passion for living with a sense of justice, and who persisted in offering and serving others. Such words can be applied to him.

I still feel a sense of accomplishment and the depth of the benefits I received from his philosophy. His dictum is still ringing in my head.

“Look at outside of box, not inside”

“Move forward , not backward.”

The importance of considering things from multiple perspectives and making well-informed judgments, of first having one’s own thoughts before placing full trust in instructions from authority, and of developing the habit of trusting one’s own thoughts and acting on them. Things are not what they seem on the top, but what is true outside of them. It is certainly a habit I have now that has become my  knowledge and wisdom.

Since he’s gone,I have continued to walk alone on my own path, and I have been reminded of what I am not yet, what I am missing. I will greet today with the word “celebrate” the legacy of wisdom he left me, as he willed, “When I leave, don’t mourn it, but celebrate it.I would like to celebrate him that he doesn’t feel bad anything he’s done in his life.