Macao government tourism office dinner party

Last night I played at the Palace Hotel in Tokyo.
It was a promotional dinner party with over 200 guests hosted by the Macao government tourism office.

It was an exciting show of playing music to the photos of the beautiful scenery of Macau in a slideshow of about 20 minutes.

Going on my previous life with Macau Crown Towers hotel in 2010 ~ 2011, when I worked as a lounge pianist at Macau Crown Towers Hotel, I could match my muisc well to the slides of Macau. Today Macau is more convenient and more accessible than ever. And next year in 2019 is also a memorable year celebrating the 20th anniversary after being handed over from the Portuguese colony to China.

When most people think of Macau they imagine the gamble as the main thing going on, but there is much more. You can visit the city with deliciously carefully selected gourmet tours such as Macao, Portuguese, Cantonese, Dim Sum, Indian and Italian cuisine, Walk around and visit museums, go for drinks and entertainment and of course shopping.

I am looking forward to the future of Macau.

Thank you very much for Mr. Narita who supplied the acoustics and everyone from in the Macao government tourism office.


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