Lots of support at Crooners Lounge


This is my work space on Sun Princess, it’s called  Crooners Lounge and it’s an absolutely lovely space on deck 7 (7th floor). It’s a big space with many unusual features such as; winding stairs, low and high ceilings, multi-levels and seating spread over a wide range. It’s difficult to get the sound just right.

During my contract, I play Crooners Lounge every night after dinner and many times until late night at night.

Everyday the sound guys check my speakers before my performance and the resident acoustic staff on the ship keep working on fine tuning the room’s sound. Anytime I feel that the sound may be not perfect the audio team is there to support me.

I could not perform without the dedicated support from these great guys on the audio / acoustic team.

Thanks guys! 🙂

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