Let’s talk about some great crew :)


Nearly 1000 crew members are on board the Sun Princess.

Every night I perform at the Crooners Lounge on Deck 7 and my night is made easier with the great hospitality of the bar staff. Many of the Japanese audience have told me that the service is impressive.

I need their help with break time when I need my hot water. I always use it to moisturize my throat. Daily care is indispensable. In recent years, drinking hot water has been the best practice to keep my throat in tip top condition.

After I wake up in the morning I have a cup of hot water and again in the afternoon. It’s my daily routine to stop at the drink bar on Deck 5 to pick up my cup of plain hot water. I never get tired of the friendly smiles I receive every time I visit the drink bar.

Every day as our journey continues I’m supported by best in the business.

Thank you, guys! 🙂 🙂

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