Incredibly fantastic moment!

Today, my first book is finally available on Amazon Kindle!

The title of my new e-book is ”The Pianist on a Luxury Cruise Ship Travels Around the World , The secrets of a Million Colors , Engraved on Seven Oceans 

The sub title is Love, Joy, and Inspiration 20 Years on the World Stage”

I finally have done it. It was my first experience writing a personal history in Japanese, so it took a lot of concentration, but fortunately I was able to finish it in a short period of time.Feeling my confidence and achievement now!!

I have written a book about various experiences that occurred during my long travels and musical life, including contact with different cultures and the people I met, and this publication is the result of those experiences.

In some episodes from my days as the exclusive pianist on a luxury cruise ship, I even touch a little on the other side of the story.

So here it is,

I am now offering the book for only 99 yen!

We would be more than happy if you could click on it today.