This year, I have released a series of remixed pieces  focusing on Japan’s spring, summer, autumn and winter as the titles.

EP-HARU🌸 (spring) and EP-NATSU☀️ (summer), and now EP-AKI 🍁 (autumn) which will be distributed worldwide on September 20th.

The pre-sale for download has already started at  🔗 my web shop

Of course, you can listen to all my EP’s for free at my web shop. 🎧

Near the end of this year, I will release a final EP of the collection titled Winter / Fuyu.❄️

After which, I will deliver a breath of new sounds with all new Japanese Neo Classical and Cross over Classical pieces.

I plan to release this wonderful EP at the end of this year✨☃️.

Stay tuned 😊and I hope you enjoy my music!🎼🎹🎶