You have so many pieces. How do you create all your music?
I often get this kind of question.
Naturally occurring emotions form a series of sounds that appear on the keyboard.
I think of the many  places I have visited and performed in the past, the impactful of the many people I met, and combined with other various memories that give me inspiration when I create a new piece.
Light and shadow. Plus and minus. Yin and yang
I feel the beauty of the opposite combination.
Le’s say the taste of sweets will be enhanced if you add a little salt.
There is a surprising discovery when you try to combine conflicting things so that things always have front and back sides.
And even things that look beautiful and have a high degree of perfection actually have shadows.
It is not a praise for the beauty of the upper side, but I think that it will become more prominent and valuable if you do not look away from the facts and proceed at the same time and approve the backs and poisons that actually exist.
I want to praise beauty from my special perspective.
There is a beauty that you can feel freedom and liberation only when both sides are utilized and all are utilized instead of utilizing only one.
The piece comes alive while thinking of such an vision.