Tuesday 16th October was my regular lobby concert at Hotel Green Plaza in Hakone.

During the performance I broke to announce that I had been performing onboard Princess Cruises “Sun Princess” from July to September this past summer as I was talking I heard a shout from an audience “Akiko Hori! I was on that ship!” When I looked to see who said that, I was surprised to see it was a couple who I remembered I met  on the ship!  Oh my it was great that I could see you again, and I broke out with a huge smile. 🙂

There were also another beautiful couple couple that I met during the summer my voyage aboard the Sun Princess. They saw this performance at Hotel Green Plaza on my website event page and travelled all the way from Shizuoka to see my show here in Hakone!!  I was so deeply moved by the lovely pink rose bouquet they presented me. 🙂 I’m so thankful that the happy times we had on Sun Princess spread to the land and came here in Hotel Green Plaza in Hakone 🙂

And the story didn’t end it continued as two more special guests from Shonan travelled here to Hotel Green Plaza in Hakone. Since moving to Shonan last year I made friends with these who are like sisters to me, mother and daughter who are good friends. They have shared plenty of interesting stories about Shonan and coastal areas, talking about lifestyles, and every time we meet we have fun. And I course we have shared a meal and drink or two. Wonderful people and I am so happy that they came all the way from Shonan on this day.

An absolutely beautiful night, surrounding by such lovely people, I won’t for get this 🙂

Thank you everybody. 🙂

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