Health and beauty tips to survive sea life.


I often get asked questions about health and beauty in ship life.

Many questions from women such as; what about your skin constantly exposed to the sea air and super strong sunlight.

There is no doubt that you must use a sunscreen, I use SPF70 + on my body and SPF100 + on my face and neck.

The ship’s interior is sealed with air conditioning throughout the year. I spend a lot more time living in dry air aboard than when I’m on home on land. This is the point I want you to pay attention to. There are two important conclusions regarding dry skin I have learned in my years of ship life.

Do not apply foundation on the face as it will help dry out even more!

I don’t want to get stuffy when the foundation is on my face. If I don’t apply it, my skin feels so much more healthy and I can resist the dry air inside the ship.

Another tip is

The amount of alcohol you consume and the dryness of the skin are connected.

In moderation alcohol is a long term medicine. But the dry air in the ship attacks the skin quickly. It’s amazing how the texture of the skin is clearly different after drinking alcohol and not drinking alcohol. But I want to think that it is a precious message that I could not experience in a humid environment on land. Something I discovered from being onboard.

After discovering this I decided not to drink again. But there’s nothing strange about it. This is probably because the joy of having learning one piece of wisdom is greater. The benefit is that you can feel your skin is being rejuvenated.

For me, it can be said that the dry air of the ship is also a great environment that in a funny way tells the truth.

I want to be a guide of good things.



…I haven’t learned how all the health tricks just yet 🙁


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