Gourmet dinning on Sun Princess


Eating and enjoying delicious food is the basis of life. 🙂

I was asked recently what I think is an indispensable pleasure when traveling on the cruise ship Sun Princess.

First of all, the meals in the restaurants you will thoroughly enjoy beginning on your first day aboard.From when you wake up in the morning until bedtime, the gourmet food on board will feed your soul so much pleasure. The morning breakfast is lovely to enjoy on the outside deck while looking at the sea and the clear blues sky. Night time, is steak time so off we go to the steakhouse or one of the other fine dining spots aboard. There are so many ways and times that I have enjoyed the ship’s gourmet offerings, so much so that I can not write about them here.

When you travel Sun Princess I encourage you to experience all of the dining aboard – You will love it! 🙂

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