It’s been exactly one month since my album “Shonan Twilight” was purchased by Sawa Internal Medicine Diabetes Clinic. So, I asked for Dr. Sawa’s honest impressions of introducing my music to his Diabetes Clinic.

The following are the words of the director, Mr. Sawa.

“It’s a very beautiful album. The insertion of natural sound effects goes well with the music. The performance is improvised, the melody progresses, and the sometimes stunning note jumps are impressive. George Winston’s album is also played at our hospital as it’s so-called healing music, but when compared, Shonan Twilight gives the true  impression of a “Japanese” atmosphere.

Thank you for meeting me and introducing me to such a good album.”

Thank you Dr. Sawa! 🙂

Dr. Sawa’s impressions reminded me of my musical life. For over 20 years, I have played mainly in overseas 5-star hotels throughout Asia and in recent years, overseas luxury cruise ships and have performed in 32 countries around the world.

In the past, I have created music for the purpose of healing the hearts of those with my unique live performance style that instantly reads and improvises music that matches the situation and atmosphere of the venue. In the past when I performed in a foreign land, I listen to the perspectives of the people in that country.Needless to say, it was a great opportunity to set out with my music background as Japan.

The career I once cultivated has greatly contributed to the music production I am currently compossing.

For that reason, I feel a special thanks in the words of Dr. Sawa.

It was a great moment of gratitude that made me feel that what I have been doing so far is finally useful for some people.

I am deeply grateful for this. ?

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