I feel that more and more people today are rushing through life and trying to hurry.

I believe that the best way to spend your time is essentially to spend the time you are comfortable with, without rushing.

The best way to face your true self is to go at your own pace without rushing.

There have actually been times in my life when I have felt like sleeping through the night.

At such times, I try not to go against the flow, sleep as much as I can when I can, and if I am at my usual pace, I try to pamper myself to the point where I wonder if I am being too lazy.

Since you have been blessed with a good chance to rethink your own happiness, let’s take this opportunity to pamper ourselves.

Consciously face your own happiness and use your sensitivity toward happiness with all your might, as if you really want to be happy, you will start to be happier than you are now.

This is because people are made up of their own thoughts, and you will become the person you think you are.

The strength of that desire will create you.

I hope that this message finds you fell happier and much more happier.

Be happy!

    Be You!!

Music : Upon my pillow

From the pieces recorded on my EP Shiwasu

Composed by Akiko Hori