Clinic Takahashi plays Shonan Twilight

It’s a moment of great joy when I saw that my album Shonan Twilight had begun to sale  🙂

September, I had the opportunity to actually meet one of my clients who purchased Shonan Twilight for his medical clinic here in Japan. I visited Director Takahashi of Takahashi Dental Clinic in  Kugenuma Kaigan, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa.

Director Takahashi was the first client to play daily the double CD version of Shonan Twilight in a Dental Clinic.

I really very interested in learning more and so I asked Dr. Takahashi a few questions about his music requirements in his medical clinic.

Q: What type of music did you play before you began to play my album Shonan Twilight in your clinic?

A: I used to play Hayao Miyazaki’s complete piano tracks.

Q: What are your thoughts on now using  Shonan Twilight in your clinic?

A: I think this is music that prepares the patient’s heart before treatment and relieves tension. Our clinic is open to not only local patients but also foreign patients who want to receive medical treatment in English. Since the music provides a sophisticated and high-quality ambience, it helps create an image of a clinic that can provide a wide range of high quality services.

Q: Is the album Shonan Twilight the type of music that you would recommend to other medical professionals?

A: I would highly recommend this music as is suitable for the medical environment. I hope your music will spread to all medical clinics in the future.

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