June 4

It is said to be the day of resurrection and rebirth.
It is said to be a good day to look within and imagine yourself reborn.

When you make a declaration about your life
You will find that the power of words and spirits will give you an axis.

When you declare yourself living the happy life you desire

You will feel a heart of gratitude.

Let’s offer it to ourselves.

I am happy just to be alive.
I am happy today.

But by having the habit of facing yourself and adjusting yourself

I can be even muchhappier.

It is up to you to spend your happiest time.

Once in our life will never come again.
This irreplaceable time.

Let happiness well up.
Let happiness overflow.

It would be wonderful if we could cherish each moment

It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

Music: Sail Away

from the pieces recorded on my EP Shiwasu

Composed by Akiko Hori