Surprise! All the way from Tokyo my old friend came to see me perform!

We had such a fun and crazy good time with each other. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 20 years 🙂

My heart is full of happiness and love! 🙂

I recently had a photo shoot for my 2019 promotion.

The photographer is Yukari Osada, a local photographer very active here in Shonan. My first shoot location was the beach area in Shonan. After that we went to L’Esprit Francais to shoot more formal shots and of course with the grand piano. 🙂

It was a great day and wrapped in positive energy under the warm and nice vibes of Shonan.

Stay tuned! ! 🙂

Last night, October 9th I was performing in the gorgeous Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel 28th Floor Sky Lounge “Bay View”

Despite it being a weekday, being able to play in this lounge, which by the way is a very popular spot for  guests to relax, it was a great first gig! 🙂

My schedule for the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel in October and November is as follows.

I will update the schedule from time to time on the event page.
Thank you very much! 🙂

October 23 (Tuesday) 30 (Tuesday)

November 2 (Friday) 6 (Tuesday) 16 (Friday) 18 (Sunday) 20 (Tuesday)

From 19:00 to 22:30. (4 stages)

After changing the route to Hong Kong to avoid the typhoon of last weekend, we once again passed through Taiwan. And so this afternoon, Sun Princess arrived once again in Hong Kong.

This is the end of my 3-month performance tour.

During this term, Sun Princess had the opportunity to avoid the many typhoons at least ten times.  Because the captain ‘s judgment we were able to finish the voyage without  any difficulty. I believe that the policy of Princess cruise is always safety first and foremost. It has three wonderful months aboard the Sun Princess, with countless wonderful times with both new encounters and unexpected reunions. Yesterday was a day of change for the next cruise so off to Hong Kong last night but, with no passengers, just the 1000 crew on board. In this case, a great wrap party for the crew celebrating the end of the Taiwanese season was held.

The picture is crew party time. 🙂

I was completely in I’m done mode, I had a  shower and washed my face and no makeup. Your eyeglasses are hiding me. Sorry! 🙂

For everyone who was there for the last 3 months

Thank you very much! ! 🙂

I am happy today to announce my 2019 Princess Cruise dates.

Next year I will be aboard the Diamond Princess for the Japan cruises. I will be performing onboard this magnificent ship from: May 11th/2019 until December 23rd/2019 🙂

The ship will be cruising all around Japan, from the north in Hokkaido to the south in Okinawa as well as destinations in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Russia.

To everyone , thank you and I hope to see you again on Diamond Princess in 2019. 🙂


Sun Princess docked safely in Taiwan this morning in order to avoid the rough weather of an approaching typhoon.

They say the typhoon will land in Japan tomorrow 🙁

This was supposed to be a roundtrip to Okinawa, but with sudden change of route it was announced that we will go to Hong Kong tomorrow!

There are always pleasant surprises with my life on the ship.

What an adventure! What is in store for my future? 🙂

Acid helps! What?

Today we were supposed to call on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa. However, due to a typhoon approaching the sea conditions were not perfect so the ship is returning to Taiwan one day early.

If the waves get intense it will be a little rough for some people who are not accustomed to sea life.

So if your stomach starts to stir, eating sour food is the magic bullet. It is not clear how the acid causes a chemical reaction but it’s been an outstanding solution for me. since I started working with Princess Cruises, I have never taken medicine even on days when I thought I would be tossed out of bed.

Apples and citrus. When you eat fruit, please have a side bottle of mineral water. This combination will alleviate your strained stomach very quickly.

And if it’s a alcohol drink, I recommend strong acid champagne it’s also effective.  Of course, drinking, too much will make things much worse. So that’s why I prefer the safe and sure way of apples, citrus and mineral water.

And if you are already feeling terrible, eat the above mentioned plus, simple bread such as French bread. Just remember a ship is not on the ground, it’s on the water and sometimes it can move a little.  😉

So, does this really work? Are you skeptical?

The method I introduced is from a few physical emergencies  🙁 I had early in my sailing days. But you would be wise to keep it in the back of your mind, before a nightmare happens in a few minutes it will become heaven ….

Try it next time!

I’m VERY happy! It’s time to celebrate 🙂

Enjoying a wonderful Japanese lunch here in Naha, Okinawa and of course a small glass of a ever so yummy and fruity Okinawa O-Sake!

What’s the celebration? The juicy details coming very soon 🙂


I believe doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.

Happy to share my very best every night on the stage with passengers.

Soon it’s time, in a week to say good  bye to Sun Princess!

Fusion of languages on melody

Many Taiwanese and Japanese guests tonight all cruising together on the Sun Princess.

A wonderful night as everyone was having a peaceful time

Thank you to everyone who came to my show every night!

I’m so honored to be a part of this moment.XxxX