Every time I arrive in Naha, Okinawa I love visiting the famous world heritage sites.

There are nine sites and my favorite is “Safa Otaki” the holy site of the god of woman. This is a very special site for me.



My first day aboard in 2014 on the Sun Princess in Kobe.

I was a little nervous so I thought a big meal might help 🙂

Anyways after enjoining my late lunch on the upper deck I was lucky to enjoy a beautiful sunset. I took this as a good sign and thought everything is going to be great!


Akiko Hori at Crown Towers Macau

I was in Macau from 2011 to 2012. During this period, every night, the building was brilliantly illuminated and sparkled. That was where I used to live and entertain with my music 🙂

Macau has some strict rules such as I’m prohibited to gamble ( contract rules ) I’m not a gambling type of person at all , so I don’t know why in this environment in Macau, sometimes do you think I would have a sudden urge to gamble!!!? Is that coming from human nature or from something more strange?

Anyways, I thought that was kind of funny 🙂



It’s always great when I return to Japan 🙂

I perform at many clubs and every time I truly feel and enjoy the audiences energy.

Stay tuned as more Japan performance news will be coming! 😉


Sharing the joy of music life with my audience, I always play my music using my imagination to create more from their perspective.

That’s the way I keep on swinging.



One of my “MUSO friends” on board, The gorgeous and talented Suzie G. violinist asked me to get dressed in a Kimono on formal night on the Sapphire Princess


Still remembering that I have met such a fantastic people on board during my first contract with Princess cruises in 2014.Without their strong support, I couldn’t have done the  very first gig on Sun Princess.

Missing Generoso who is Maitre d’hotel, Godwin who is his assistant manager, Mario who is a captain on board and his loving sons, wife for this year!!