How much you can be healed and supported by a single message?

The power of words is tremendous.

Thank you very much. 🙂

6 days on a short cruise.

9 days on a long cruise.

Arrived early in the morning at Yokohama Port. On this day, the passengers will turnover and we will be off to the next port of call. Departure time just in time for the sunset as we pass beneath Yokohama Bay Bridge.


Diamond Princess made port in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture.

On that day, Sakata City was blessed with lovely weather and we found many places that were perfect for photography.

Later in the day when I returned to the ship, a thank-you message card was handed to each passenger.

Unexpected and welcome surprise.  🙂

A carefully folded crane and thank you note.

Sakata is an unforgettable place and I hope one day to return.

The human mind is universal.


Diamond Princess is a great location for a photo shoot.

The last couple I have been working with my photographer on some new pics.

I’m having a lot of fun 🙂


Diamond Princess Japan-Asia tour cruise is sailing smoothly.

Every night, I really enjoy performing on stage international music. Music from Italy, Spain, China and many other countries. But the one thing I try add for the passengers is a special memorable experience of Japan music.

Enka Night ( Japanese Soul Music ) and Showa Kayo Night ( Classic Japanese Pop).

If you’re coming on board please drop by Crooner’s to enjoy this music.

It’s been about a month since I boarded Diamond Princess, when unexpectedly I received a special message from some visiting passengers.

Passengers on Princess Cruise ships sometimes send a messages of thank you at the end of their cruise when they disembark. These nice people remembered me fondly during their cruise!

Every time I receive one of these cards with such a heartwarming message, I’m so energized and grateful!

Thank you very much!  🙂



Diamond Princess has landed in Aomori

We arrived at the Aomori Port on the first day of the Nebuta Festival.

I am so excited to see the Nebuta Matsuri Festival for the first time in my life!

I hope this festival lasts forever!  🙂


Today checking out Diamond Princess “Explorer Lounge”.

It’s all in preparation for my upcoming trio show.

The Explorer Lounge is considerably larger than the Crooner’s so I’m planning a much larger sound with a trio or maybe a quartet.

This should be a lot of fun!  🙂

Stay tuned…



The last day of July and I’m in Russia!

Diamond Princess called on Vladivostok, Russia.

The atmosphere of this peaceful city on the East European entrance from Japan is very impressive.

Time to go, I hope to explore much more in the future 🙂


I have a new page on my website devoted to my LIVE performances on Princess Cruises.

Please visit often as I will constantly be updating with new LIVE performance while I’m performing aboard Diamond Princess.

Thank you everyone for your support! 🙂