Diamond Princess is cruising around Japan Asia. It’s home is Yokohama Japan.

Blue Light Yokohama is a Showa song that is indispensable every night when we depart from Yokohama Port and the night before arriving in Yokohama Port.

It is easy for everyone to get into the rhythm and so many smiles overflow from the audience.
Every time I play this song, I  feel a sense of enjoyment from the audience.

I hope you also enjoy this song 🙂

“Blue Light Yokohama”.

Diamond Princess
At the Crooner’s Bar

When I was in elementary school, I didn’t understand poetry, but I miss this song.

When I reached adulthood and sang this song  “Momoiro toiki”  There are color patterns in Showa that didn’t come out in the spend era. Even the illusion of reading the picture of the Tale of Genji and it passed 100 years ago!

One thing I can’t help thinking about are the changes in human history every time I sing Showa Kayo this past year, not just this song?

Aboard Diamond Princess
At Crooner’s Bar

“Momoiro toiki ”




I often get asked questions about health and beauty in ship life.

Many questions from women such as; what about your skin constantly exposed to the sea air and super strong sunlight.

There is no doubt that you must use a sunscreen, I use SPF70 + on my body and SPF100 + on my face and neck.

The ship’s interior is sealed with air conditioning throughout the year. I spend a lot more time living in dry air aboard than when I’m on home on land. This is the point I want you to pay attention to. There are two important conclusions regarding dry skin I have learned in my years of ship life.

Do not apply foundation on the face as it will help dry out even more!

I don’t want to get stuffy when the foundation is on my face. If I don’t apply it, my skin feels so much more healthy and I can resist the dry air inside the ship.

Another tip is

The amount of alcohol you consume and the dryness of the skin are connected.

In moderation alcohol is a long term medicine. But the dry air in the ship attacks the skin quickly. It’s amazing how the texture of the skin is clearly different after drinking alcohol and not drinking alcohol. But I want to think that it is a precious message that I could not experience in a humid environment on land. Something I discovered from being onboard.

After discovering this I decided not to drink again. But there’s nothing strange about it. This is probably because the joy of having learning one piece of wisdom is greater. The benefit is that you can feel your skin is being rejuvenated.

For me, it can be said that the dry air of the ship is also a great environment that in a funny way tells the truth.

I want to be a guide of good things.



…I haven’t learned how all the health tricks just yet 🙁


This is what I really love to do!

I want to thank everyone for 2019 🙂



“St. Louis Blues” is a song that plays so nicely when you really get into it.

It’s also a great warm-up piece.

When on a cruise , it’s often required to play songs that everyone knows and songs that are easy to follow. However, I love to play blues often as it clears my senses and gets my blood flowing.

I can’t talk about the music of the 20th century without the blues.

Please check out a short video of me at Crooner’s aboard Diamond Princess playing a little bit of the good stuff 🙂  –  click on the link below to go to the movie page.




During this tour on Diamond Princess sometimes I perform at another venue aboard the ship. The ship has many lounges where live performances take place. In my case it’s always a good feeling playing at another location.

Last night was no exception as I played the much larger Explorer Lounge.

All is good! 🙂


Diamond Princess arrived in Hong Kong after a short cruise from Vietnam.

The day before we arrived the captain delivered a warning letter regarding Hong Kong to all passengers and crew. At the moment because of the riots Hong Kong is tense to say the least.

I love Hong Kong but, this time I’ll give it a pass.

My priority is to protect myself both mentally and physically. I have learned this lesson after many years of travailing the world performing.  So I won’t take any chances in Hong Kong at this time.  I visited the Terminal building and found a lovely rooftop park to enjoy the beautiful Hong Kong weather today.

However, I can’t hang out too long as I must return to my cabin and continue working on my music production. I definitely want to complete this very cool backing track I’ve been working on for a special show I’m performing in a few days! 😉



Diamond Princess is cruising the south of Asia.

Today 10/21 we arrived at the port of Chiang Mai, Vietnam.

When you visit this resort region, you will find lots of palm trees!  I love to be surrounded by these tress and just rest for a while. Speaking of coconut trees, the last time I saw them was in Jamaica during my around the world cruise aboard the Sun Princess.

I haven’t seen them for a long time, so I’m thrilled to be immersed in a tropical forest bath.

I am healed. 🙂

This week Diamond Princess is on a 15-day cruise around Asia from Japan to China and Southeast Asia.

And today 10/19 we arrived in mainland China.

I first visited China in 2015 when I was aboard Sapphire Princess, and now today I’m back and I can’t hide the surprise every time that China is making such great progress.

The cityscape view from the port, as you can see there is so much construction happening. Even though it has been a long time since democracy began, noise of the construction sites and the massive growth of city China’s momentum is still going strong.

I can’t help but feel that the Chinese economy and future is exciting. 🙂


Diamond Princess has a plan that you don’t want to miss when you are on the Japan Cruise, Showa Kayo Night!

Violin duo performers warm up the venue with classic music before I hit the stage.

Then from 21:30 it’s Showa! 🙂

The history of Showa Kayo is full of masterpieces but the time is limited to only 45 minutes. 🙁

It’s a great night when my music selection and the music that the audience loves to hear matched perfectly.

It is also a moment that makes me think that I was born in Showa.