So happy to participate in Princess Cruises 5oth anniversary 🙂


I love to wear Kimono! 🙂

99% of the time I’m wearing western cloths and speaking in English. That’s cool but, when I wear kimono, it brings my back to my roots, Japan. It make me feels proud and a little emotional and happy that this is who I am.


Playing piano and singing is physically challenging. It’  harder than it looks or people could imagine. During my contract on board, my appetite was double than while on vacation.
Therefore, instead using the elevator, in 18-story building ship I used the stairs all the time in order to keep fit!

I always look forward to our next port of call. It’s puts a BIG smile on my face as I will soon get explore another new land and it’s people.

I’m like a kid, it’s sooooooo difficult to control my excitement. 🙂


My first big gig overseas was at the Singapore Hilton hotel in 2001 the same year when the world trade center was hit by terrorism.

As I was flying to Singapore, I’ve been felt a little tension in the atmosphere at the airport.
But the gig was fantastic and people were cheerful, the economy was energetic and hoped to grow even more and more in the future. It was great time to visit there and to have had an opportunity so early in my career.
As time goes by, the memories become be beautiful. But I have never imagined that I’ll be coming back to Singapore again so often on Princess Cruises!
Life is sometimes great!!

One of the significant things in life to enable you to grow and mature is to have met lots of different kinds of people and their experiences. Those times reward you in so many ways.


It was wonderful!

Everyday I was sailing on the ocean. Surrounding and cradled with it’s constant slow motion. It was a healing for me and now to this day, I’m continually drawn by it’s magic.

Every time I arrive in Naha, Okinawa I love visiting the famous world heritage sites.

There are nine sites and my favorite is “Safa Otaki” the holy site of the god of woman. This is a very special site for me.



My first day aboard in 2014 on the Sun Princess in Kobe.

I was a little nervous so I thought a big meal might help 🙂

Anyways after enjoining my late lunch on the upper deck I was lucky to enjoy a beautiful sunset. I took this as a good sign and thought everything is going to be great!

Life is a journey.

On board, I encountered various audience members who told me that the meaning of doing my best at this moment puts me in the best place for the next step.