As if my prayers were answered, to be able to spend my afternoon quietly and peacefully. I really need this when I’m dreaming up new songs and music.

Today’s weather in Shonan, Japan is wonderful and to add to it, Mt. Fuji made a rare appearance. 🙂

With the sun and a light breeze off the Pacific ocean, this is the perfect time to be creative at the beach.



I’m releasing a remixed single early in March and lucky me I had the opportunity to have a professional engineer critique both my mix and master.

Objective opinions, and getting feedback from a professional who has been in the biz for many years, is incredibly useful taking me to my next step. Throwing yourself into this situation pushes you and it’s an important part of evolving as a producer.

Narita-san, has been doing his thing as a sound engineer for many years ( Pro Tools ). I am grateful to have the time for him check out my (Logic Pro X). In the end it was a very fulfilling day. Opinions, suggestions and debating, all part of the program. And ever thankful to Narita-san, as I picked up a few tips and ideas that I will incorporate into future work.

Now it’s back to my studio, a little polishing and soon my remix will go to global distribution! 🙂


Which song do you think is the most popular song in my album “Reborn” that I released in 2018?

It is the cover song “Koibitoyo” which means “Lover”.

“Koibitoyo” was a hit song of the Showa Kayo era and is well known in Japan.

Just as with the original song, in my version I sing in Japanese. After releasing the song I expected only Japanese fans of the song to check my version out.

BIG surprise…

Actually, since its release the number of downloads from overseas ( non Japanese ) has been overwhelmingly higher than the number of downloads in Japan.

This is the global digital age.

When people from Alaska to South America and across the world, including  Africa, eastern and western Europe, and the Middle East can now easily listen to Japanese music. They don’t have to travel to Japan or need to communicate in Japanese to find music.

This is the moment when I realized that music really has no borders or lanaguge requirements. Japanese music is enjoyed by all kinds of people around the world.

So, to start I have begun to work on remixing “Koibitoyo” and adding a richer Japanese sound and I will release more original Japanese music this year. 🙂

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Thank you! 🙂

Thank you everyone for reaching out to me with your concerns.

I will answer your question here…

“When was the last time Akiko was onboard Diamond Princess?”

Last year from from April 10 2019 to July 18 2019, I was onboard Sun Princess. Afterwards, I boarded  Diamond Princess from July 19, 2019 to November 29, 2019.

As of Decemeber I have been on land and safe at home in Japan.

So no worries please, I’m safe and NOT effected by the virus.  🙂

“Isn’t the luxury cruise liner Diamond Princess docked at Yokohama Port under quarantine?  It’s been all over the  news since last night, are you onboard? Are you OK?”

Thank you all very much for your emails and texts. 🙂

Please don’t worry about me.

“I’m enjoying ground life as much as I can without boarding the ship this year!”

Now the spread of coronavirus is spreading. Even if you are on the ground, wherever you are, be careful. Nevertheless, the virus’s evil hands have finally spread to the places once used to be my workplace! ! !

This news is quite shocking.

Last year in 2019, we spent eight months on a Princess Cruise ship and I loved it. I was blogging about the state of each country I visited and talking about my performances.

It’s no wonder that the image of  “Akiko’s travel’s on a ship playing the piano and singing” is so deeply established.

Still on the ship? It can’t be helped.

Fortunately, this year, I am focusing on music production, so I didn’t consider re-contracting with Princess Cruises. Therefore, no contract has been signed for 2020. The next year anything is possible!

Thank you for your continued support in the future.

I successfully completed a fantastic intensive four day Apple Logic Pro X workshop in Los Angeles hosted by Logic Pro X Master  –  David Nahmani

Thinking back to the day I first started making music after reading David’s book, now I wrapped a dreamlike four days. I was so impressed with the course and David’s insightful instruction that I asked David to sign my Logic Pro X study book.

Now that I’m back in Japan and in my comfort zone, my studio, I am so full of creative energy that I think I better invest in more RAM for my Mac coz for 2020 and beyond I’m about to create some big time music! 🙂

Stay tuned…

Speaking of a major event in the new year early this year!

I’m attending a four-day Apple Logic Pro X workshop.
My wish has finally come true.

Lecturer David Namani is the author of Apple’s Logic Pro X certification exam materials and coutless Logic Pro books. There are many ways to learn Logic, but if you  can take classes directly from the source of Apple’s study books!?  You can’t afford to miss such a valuable opportunity.

Classes are limited to only 8 people. David’s teaching is poured onto each student, so Logic’s knowledge and use is luxuriously taught. 🙂

It is great to be able to participate. . . .

The remaining 3 days … how much can you pack in?  Looking forward to it! ! !

Happy New Year 🙂 and a big welcome to the first year of the Reiwa Era!

I wish all of you, your families and friends the very best for 2020!



The first time in my short life to enjoy such a huge apple! It was a big job for one but I did it and it was very delicious! 🙂

Well, here we are just another 10 days in 2019 and then 2020 is a go.

What’s the plan for next year?

Every year, I’m evolving my style of music and now I’m working on writing, arranging and finally I’ll be in the studio producing.

My word for 2020 – Apple!

27 countries … I counted the number of countries that I visited in 2019.

However, I think the total number of countries in the world is approximately 19,6 27.

Speaking globally, it means that there are so many more worlds and people yet to explore.

So, even after scratching the world countries, these words came to my mind,

“seeing is believing ”


“Ignorance is a sin”

It was a trip that focused on time to prepare for the training and the future and to realistically accept the current state of the world. It’s my luck to know this reality  and I was also amazed at what I learned.

During the trip, I repeatedly encountered scenes where I could not help asking myself, ” What is this?”

Traveling around was a great time to review the values ​​of my life, but it wasn’t. . .

Song: Ihogin
Diamond Princess
At Crooners Bar