Thank you who took the time to listen to my music!

I’m currently releasing my piece every two weeks.Some months I release weekly.

If my music is of interest to you I would be pleased to hear your feedback when I post on here.

Getting buzz may be important BUT this is where I want to clarify. 

My main purpose in composing is to soothe my audience’s mind, 

heal their soul and to give hope to move forward.

It meant a lot to me that I could get to know that my music give you some tranquility.

MUSIC last forever🎹

Have a great weekend everyone !!

Many thanks Horus Music Artist & Label Services for promoting my release 恋人よ(Koibitoyo) as their Social Media Release Highlight !


Akiko Hori is a Japanese composer, pianist,songwriter and producer.

Her brand new single is a powerful interpretation of this classic 80’s Japanese song Koibitoyo(恋人よ)


Akiko’s original Japanese and English language music is enjoyed by fans across the globe.

2021 once again will see Akiko back in the studio producing and creating more of her unique originals.


Her cover of Mayumi itsuwa 80’s hit Koibitoyo(恋人よ)is available across all digital platforms today!


Surviving the past is miracle.

Today is a gift.

Make this moment to be remember.

Looking forward to release my new piece within a week.

Release date is 26 of January!

The piece is called Utaka (泡沫).

This above video is a small taste.

Well, Enjoy this moment and …..the teaser!


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Music never leave your soul.

It is just same as salt in the sea , they become a part of you and carry them.


I love the beauty of this universe’s mysterious ways.

Koibitoyo is a famous masterpiece of Showa Kayokyoku. Mayumi Itsuwa, who was a big hit in the 1980’s.

As a young girl at the time, I didn’t know what the deep meaning of this song. It was the first encounter with this song that impressed me as a child when it was a sung with a magnificent image that the melody part of the chorus remained in my ears. Every time I play this song by Mayumi Itsuwa, I feel that this great music is wonderful and forever immortal.

In 2018, my version of Koibitoyo was first released as a cover with a piano. Koibitoyo who produced for the second  time last year and remixed with orchestration, following the 2020 edition I am releasing a third remix this time! Koibitoyo is becoming a favorite song that I want to remix as many times as I want in my music history, alongside my original songs.

Koibitoyo will be released from each distribution company on January 19th.




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My new Modern Classical  single  Tamayura  is coming out on  next Tuesday January 12th.

Tamayura is an ancient Japanese word, the Yamato word, which means for living in the moment.

I entrusted this song with the vitality to survive the world of the moment.

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An another incredible year is just about to begin that is my favorite time of the year !

Feeling so right  to begin the year of 2021 .

I’m so grateful to celebrate this beautiful moment and thrilled to announce about 

My new Piano Solo single Akari(光)OUT NEXT TUESDAY 5 January!!

Akari means light in Japanese. I want to send the hope of light to the world that has reached the New Year in a peaceful holiday mood.

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Thanks kindly for the support.

2020 is gone and 2021 is here!

Looking back on 2020, it was a year of focusing on music production and music distribution and global marketing. Beginning with songwriting, I have to do all the work related to music registration to music distribution stores and music distribution myself. Even digitally, there is a process in which music distribution is realized step by step according to detailed contracts and established rules.

There are agency services and distributors that help such DIY musicians as me save time and support all the effort that comes to one person. In the last few years, the online music distributor industry has had as many distributor companies as there are stars in the heavens.

The content of support and the density of involvement with artists vary from company to company, but the distributor I am currently involved with is Horus Music, which is based in the United Kingdom.

I made review on video time because I wanted to poimnt out how happy I have been with their Artist Label Services. It’s nice to know you can trust someone when most of the people out there just want your money.


Thank you Horus Music for your help this year!


Hello everyone

On this new 2021, I hope we have a year as incredible as we are and live the life to the fullest.

New music more to come in 2021.

Thank you so much to you all who continuously supports me.

✨Happy New Year ✨

Much Music Love 🖤🎶