After sailing through Lisbon, Portugal, Vigo, Spain and Sun Princess docked in France.

About 80% of the city Le Havre was destroyed in World War II.

St. Joseph’s Church, which has been registered as a World Heritage Site is a tall building that stands out among reconstructed city.

Although cold and cloudy, I enjoyed spending the day exploring this quiet city.


4/22 Noon

Sun Princess has arrived in Lisbon, Portugal!

Lisbon is famous for salmon food.
In the daytime, while exploring the city, looking for canned olive oil in cans.

Tonight is a day off for me so naturally I wanted to have dinner in town, so I went to a restaurant famous for their cod dishes.

I am accompanied by Maiko Mori, a London based classic pianist who recently joined Sun Princess and will be performing onboard this week.

Today, I had a fun day especially eating all the delicious fish.

Thanks! 🙂


Málaga is one of the best summer resort towns I can think of to enjoy this 4/21.

Sun Princess is in Spain and the second Spanish city on our tour, this is the home town of the painter Gogh.

Lots of open space and beautiful city views. I was impressed by the relaxed mood of this town and it’s now on my list of places that I would like to return to one day 🙂


Visited 5/18 Cannes then the next day, 5/19 Sun Princess called at Barcelona for the day.

The city of Cannes was a bustling crowd of tourists and filmmakers, as it was in the midst of the Cannes Film Festival. It was a pity that I could’nt take many photos because I had to return to the ship early because of the rainy weather.

The next day we arrived in Barcelona, among others I visited the World Heritage Site of Sagrada Familia it’s still under construction. Afternoon spent with delicious sangria and tapas.

I had a great day! 🙂



Sun Princess finally arrived in Rome, the third Italian City on our cruise.

From the huge Colosseum  arena past Piazza Navona-Pantheon to the Trevi Fountain, I spent the afternoon following the ancient Roman history of St. Peter’s Basilica of the Vatican City and the Grand Hall of Tourism.

I”m performing tonight so the tour was only for a limited time but, I would like to take a closer look at these historical buildings again someday.



The JTB world cruise of 5/14 on Sun Princess I just performed a show with the Sun Princess band in the massive Vista lounge. Usually I play solo in Crooner’s lounge but after a month it was time to play with the band in a big house 🙂

Support and warmhearted audiences and the awesome house musicians from Sun Princess.

Sharing time to enjoying the music together was a fantastic memory of this world tour! 🙂

4/15  – Sun Princess arrived in Bari Italy.

To the church of Saint Nicholas, where St. Nicholas is said to be the origin of Santa Claus is enshrined.

After taking in a walking tour around the old town, I spent the rest of the day of walking around the city while enjoying a pistachio panini, which is one the traditional street foods of Bari.

The next port of call is Rome!



Sun Princess has arrived in Venice, Italy.

The weather was a bit cold with rain but, it’s Venice so I definitely wanted to have a look around.  The second day it was still raining as I enjoyed listening to the Italian mochi of the boatman while enjoying the city view from the gondola.

After Venice Princess Cruise will be stopping at two more Italian cities. I have to be careful not to eat to much 🙂




Sun Princess has arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Although the city has been rebuilt there are a few  scars from the terriable war 30 years ago. Now the country is vibrant and full of peace.

I was lucky to enjoy a beautiful time here 🙂


4/9 Sun Princess has arrived on the island of Santorini, Greece.

Gorgeous Blue sky and clean air, it’s now one of my favorite places on earth and  I would like to visit again someday 🙂