Calm music for a Dental Clinic


It was my plan that my album “Shonan Twilight”, which was completed with the image of music that helps relieves stress and give comfort.

Yuta Hoshitani, the director of the medical clinic  “Hoshiya Dental Clinic” , who downloaded and purchased my album “Shonan Twilight” the other day, sent me such a wonderful email.

“I felt that it fits the concept of our clinic because it feels comfortable in my ears and I can relax. It feels calm from movement to quiet. I like classical music in the hospital, especially Debussy and Erik Satie. I’m playing it, but I felt that Akiko’s music would lead to healing for the patient. At Hoshiya Dental Clinic, we always think about what we can do to help anxious patients, and do our best to listen to their feelings and stay close to them. We are here”.

In the first place, Dr. Yuta Hoshiya emphasizes that the highest priority is to reduce the pain of treatment as much as possible.

“Along with that, you can play soothing music, devise ways to prevent the smell of chemicals, decorate paintings, create a courtyard and visually soften in a healing space. We are working to create a medical environment that is kind to the five senses of patients”.

I am very honored and grateful that my ? music is playing in a medical environment where such wonderful efforts are being realized. ?

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