Brisbane Piano, Eistedford 2010

Akiko Hori - 特別音楽講座


For a time I used to live in Brisbane, Australia.

I was teaching the piano when I lived in Brisbane. The first two years I conducted piano lessons at the local elementary schools with Brisbane’s public elementary school board.

After that, I set up my own studio offering private piano lessons. Over six years from 2005 to 2011, I had students including local Australians, half Japanese students, local student half-time students, students temporarily residing in Japan with their parents living in a trading company, and 100 others

There were memories with my students. Among my memories was in 2010, I participated in a piano contest organized in Brisbane.  My student who wanted to participate.  Among the piano contests, it is divided into age groups and skill level. He gave me a brilliantly winning trophy when he returned! As shown in the photo, one of them won both categories and won two trophies! ! I was excited together with the students, and it was a day of joy.

In the period, ~

Akiko Hori - 特別音楽講座
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